We are Guestbook Project

Our mission is to promote peacebuilding through storytelling. We believe that exchanging stories is at the heart of conflict resolution. The key to mutual understanding and reconciliation between opposed people and peoples is communication, which is sometimes overlooked, but it still is a valid approach that provides a necessary supplement to the standard models of law, economics and politics. Narrative exchange calls for imagination, empathy and invention in emerging generations. If stories divide people, they can also be a powerful force of unity and mutual understanding.

Guestbook Project encourages, rewards and publicizes the most innovative narrative models for advancing peace and reconciliation.

Richard Kearney


Professor of philosophy and author of many books on themes of narrative imagination, hospitality, and healing.

Sheila Gallagher


Professor of studio art and multimedia artist whose work explores themes of interreligious imagination.

Richard Kearney introduces Guestbook Project

Our Team

Melissa Fitzpatrick

Project Manager

Ph.D. candidate in philosophy whose research focuses on ethics and communication.

Marta Ceia

Communications Director

Professor of Politics, specialist in strategic communication and international affairs.

Kevin Sweet

Media Director

Multimedia artist and educator focusing on emergent media technology and practice.

Liam Weir

Content Producer

Studio Art major at Boston College focusing on the intersection of art and technology.

Board of Directors

Elise Zoli, Chair
Petra Belkovic
Aidan Browne
Jean Duff
Paul Freaney
Mark Goodman

Joe Lambert
James Mahoney
Esther Mombo
Sue Schardt

Advisory Board

Anne Bernard
Josh Cole
Moya Coulson
David Goodman
Timo Helenius
Fanny Howe
Sarah Kearney
Sarit Larry

Michael McDonald
Brian O’Donovan
John Peto
Robert Savage
Yolande Steenkamp
James Taylor
Clay Venetis
Fatima Vieira

International Partners


Want to Get Involved?

From video initiatives to performances and seminars, Guestbook has many ways you can get involved.